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Fruit hot air circulation drying oven (click to enter)

Electric heating drying box

Product name: hot air circulation drying oven

Product overview
His hot air circulation drying oven, after a lot of upgrading, has reached the advanced level at home and abroad; WY series average thermal efficiency is about 50% for the first generation product, USES the centrifugal fan, outside the box body circulation, the way of manual temperature control.
Is left after a lot of transformation, has formed the WY -h oven series, the series are all made of axial flow fan, with automatic constant temperature control system, and backup computer control system for choice. Thermal efficiency is about 70%, it is the use of steam or electricity heat source, heat exchanger with axial flow fan heating air convective heat transfer, hot air laminar flow after baking plate heat transfer with the material. Fresh air and discharge continuously hot and humid air, so that to ensure the correct relative humidity in the oven. The biggest characteristic of this series of baking oven is part of the hot air in the cycle in the cabinet, the entire cycle is closed, so as to enhance the heat transfer, saving the energy.
Characteristics of the equipment
1, the applicability is wide and can dry various materials, is general drying equipment.
2, most of the hot air in the circulation, high thermal efficiency, save energy.
3, the use of forced ventilation effect, and equips with adjustable air distributing plate, material dry evenly.
4, heat source can use steam, thermal oil, hot water, electricity and far infrared, choose widely.
5, the applicable scope is wide, can dry all kinds of material, is general drying equipment.
6, temperature scope is big, according to user requirements, can be up to room temperature to 350 ℃
7, low noise, running balance, temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.
Scope of application:
Hot air circulation drying oven is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry sectors such as material and product heat curing, drying dehydration. Such as API, crude drugs, traditional Chinese medicine yinpian, water extract, powder, granule, granule, pill, packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, dehydration vegetable, dried fruit and melons, banger, plastic resin, electric elements, drying varnish and so on.
Far-infrared heating mode: steam, electricity, and steam electric dual-use, for the user to choose from.
Temperature: steam heating 50 ~ 140 ℃ Electricity, far infrared temperature 50 ~ 200 ℃
Commonly used steam pressure: 0.02 ~ 0.02 Mpa (0.8 ~ 8 kg/cm)
With 15 kw electric heating type I Ann calculation and practical 5 ~ 8 kw/h Special requirements can be non-standard design.
Using temperature greater than 140 ℃ or less than 60 ℃, when ordering to indicate. Our factory factory drying car, baking plate size uniform, interchangeable.


Outside dimensions
Long * wide * high(mm)

Circulation fan

Moisture removal fan

Heating power

Baking tray number

























Note: high drying plate size length x width x: 600 * 400 * 20 (mm)

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